the importance of being ernio
Blu-Ray! Now on DVD.

Why does every DVD start with a Blu-Ray ad? Do vinyl records play CD commercials?

#Celebrity #Christmas #Lyrics (Part 2) for Part 1

#Celebrity #Christmas #Lyrics (Part 1) for Part 2

Dance like nobody’s watching
because somebody is likely watching and your dancing will be hilarious to them
Awk. Word.

Thinking back to some truly terrible moments, I feel I’ve made strides in being LESS socially-awkward.

I hope, for my child’s sake, awkward isn’t hereditary.

Deep-dish pizza is not only not better than New York pizza, it’s not pizza. It’s a f#@k!n’ casserole.
Jon Stewart
Am I the only one who saw this? #projectrunway #allstars #christmasstory #leglamp

Am I the only one who saw this? #projectrunway #allstars #christmasstory #leglamp

To err is human; to Ernio divine.
Haha. Good letters.

Haha. Good letters.

Dear Jay-Z,

"Jewelry" is not pronounced the same as "Jury."

I think I would lose my S.


Olivia Wilde, is that you girl? 
Lemme holla at chu.

I think I would lose my S.


Olivia Wilde, is that you girl? 

Lemme holla at chu.

Dear Robin Thicke,



You’re welcome,


I miss writing.

Writing, I miss it. I honestly do. Even the silly stuff I used to do just for some quick cash.

For years, I wrote long-form posts on my personal “blog” (before it was even called blogging. Then wrote for free on some sites. And later, I also got paid for writing more-or-less on a daily basis for more than ten years. I updated my status constantly. I tweeted relentlessly. I blogged on tumblr, pinterest, my personal website. And yet, I always said and wished to “write more." Creatively, I suppose, is what I meant when I forlornly would say that.

I came to know writing and love it as a kid. Doing stories for vocabulary sparked it. (I was always good at spelling; the gateway drug to writing.) Poetry classes in grade school were my favorite! (I was apparently good at it too, I have an award somewhere to prove it - along with the dozen others I got from graduation. Nerd of nerds.)  High school I was busy discovering girls. (Though I did some writing - school newspaper, poetry, stuff for drama club. Nerd of nerds.)

In college, I found a new passion in playwriting just because I thought why not write my own something instead of directing someone else’s work — I was also very full of myself in college. But, nonetheless, people liked my writing. And I loved having people love something I created. (Geek of geeks.)

So here I am post-grad, happily-married, in middle-life? with plenty of time over the past number of years since leaving my 9-to-5 life behind and I’ve not much to show for it. No full-length play, not even a string of short stories to throw together. Plenty of crappy articles and blah blog posts out there with my name on it if you google me, though.

Am I just not a writer? I’ve struggled year in and year out with saying I am, I’m not. It seems the only time I have written is when I get paid for it or I have an assignment or deadline to worry about. Am I just lazy? How could I love something so much, miss it even, be jealous of others who write so prolifically, if I don’t even do it WHEN I have the time to do it constantly?

Midnight manifesto over; time to get this pity party? to bed.

Yankees Yoga? David Robertson and Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez on the mound.

Yankees Yoga? 
David Robertson and Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez on the mound.